DNS Flag Day

Modern DNS systems suffer from unnecessary delays and difficulty in developing new functionalities. To remedy this issue, on February 1st, 2019, the major vendors of DNS BIND (ISC) software, Knot Resolver (CZ. NIC), PowerDNS, and Unbound (NLnet Labs) will remove certain provisional patches that allow deviant behavior of the standard on authoritative DNS servers. From this date, all new versions of its software will not have the "patches" and thus will fail to resolve domain names that have misconfigured their servers.

If your domain's DNS server software is up-to-date and well-configured, you will not have any problems or notice any difference.

NIC-Panamá only delegates domain names, so the configuration of DNS servers is out of our reach.

On the website https://dnsflagday.net you can find out more about it and even run tests to check if your domain name has such problems. It will provide you with a technical report which you will need to present to your DNS provider (company that provides accommodation/hosting) to help you correct this situation and your domain does not turn out to be affected.

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