Domain Name Registry

Procedure for the Registry of a Domain Name in the NIC - Panamá

1. Process of request approval

The inscription form is received and the information contained in the same one is checked.

A file of the organization is opened and the generals and technical as well as personal information about administrative, technical and Billing contacts are filed.

Once you receive the Statement of account (via email) indicating the amount to cancel for the requested domain, can make the payment.

No request of domain will be processed before payment of the domain registration fee is received.

Note: The applicant commits itself to the truthfulness of the information provided. Each time a controversy or he disputes with third parties arises, the applicant will be able to defend the requested domain through the legal representative (who could be the Administrative Contact) of the company. Should the information offered by the applicant be proven false, the same one immediately loses the assignation of the disputed domain.

2. Process of domain delegation

Once the payment of the requested domain is completed, its process is carried out and soon notified to the applicant (by email) of that his domain has been delegated.

Note: The time of delegation of the domain will be taken as of the date in which the payment has become effective of the same one, plus a workable day.