Domain Name Transfer

Procedure for the Transfer of a Domain Name in the NIC - Panamá

In order to proceed it is required:

1. That the registrant must be up to date with his/her payments.

2. Written Communication from the registrant directed to NIC-Panama, in which it is identified himself and signs as such, where he expresses his will of transfer and identifies to new registrant, (the RUC of this one for the ISP), and an email-address of contact for future communications, or private contract certified by Notary or Public scripture, which attest the exhibition of the documents that qualify the parties (Juridic personality document, representation contract, etc), with certification of validity and other proceedings has are required by law.

3. The new registrant must fill the registry request, as if he was registering for for the first time.

4. The new registrant of the domain fulfills the payment of the tariff as if he was asking for the inscription of the domain for the first time (registry fee). No domain transfer will be carried out until the new registrant of the domain does not cancel the registry fee of the dominion. If thus it will not do it within the stipulated term, NIC-Panama will maintain the existing registry.